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9 Tips for Clear and Glowing Skin

My completely bare face after getting out of the shower.

I used to struggle with my oily T zone causing black and white heads all over my chin, nose, and in between my eyebrows. It was so embarrassing. I remember my 22 year old self thinking, "How on earth is it possible my acne is worse now than it was in high school?!" The truth was, being an adult is hard. I hadn't been making myself or my health a priority and it showed. So, three years later, here's what I've learned works best for me:

1) DRINK WATER - please, please, please for the love of god, I know you’ve heard it before but you have to do it! You need to be drinking 1/2 your body weight in ounces, at least. Simple math. I'm 130lbs so I need to drink 65ozs every single day. I notice a significant difference in my complexion when I also add lemon, cucumber, or fruit to my water. 

2) Stay away from greasy and oily foods. Yes, that does mean those delicious chips you have been munching on... even the healthier Sun Chips and baked Kettle Chips.

3) Wash your face in the morning and at night. BOTH. You need both. Think about how if you wash your car, then take it out driving for the day and then wipe your finger along the outside, there will be dirt on your finger. That’s what’s on your face after a day out. Wash it in the morning and night. 

4) Find a product that works for your skin. Some skin is oily, some dry, and some sensitive. Find a product specific to your needs. Warning: DO NOT use products with dyes or fragrances. That means if the wash is pink and smells like grapefruit stay the holy hell away from it. These ingredients can further irritate your skin and are totally unnatural. Similarly, stay away from products with beads. Most of these don’t actually help your skin and instead cause micro-abrasions and can even get lodged into your pores. Not to mention they are almost always made out of plastic and go down your drain and end up in our oceans. No thank you.

5) If you have dry skin, moisturize before bed. If you have oily skin don’t moisturize at night. Please follow the same rules about face wash that you do with your lotions. I honestly just use coconut oil. This did make me break out at first because I have oily skin and didn’t understand the proper quantities to use on my face, but once I got it figured out, it’s been great. I use it every few days and don’t moisturize the rest of the time. BONUS PERK: I buy my coconut oil in a glass container so I don't have to consume more plastic products.

6) Wear sunscreen specific for your face. Yes, you heard me right, specific for your face. If it’s not for your face, it will make you breakout so, so, so badly. I just finished teaching a summer camp and made the mistake of not bringing sunscreen on the first day, so I borrowed some from a coworker. I have been paying for it for almost 2 weeks. Oopsie.

P.S. Wearing a hat never hurts either. I made that mistake the first day of camp too and my scalp totally peeled the other day. Ewww. It's actually what inspired me to write this blog post. So, from now on, I'll be following my own advice when it comes to sun protection. (Yay for no skin cancer!)

7) Place a fresh, clean towel on you pillow each night. All of the grime from your face over the night is still sitting on your pillow case as you blissfully jump into bed and bury your face in your pillow. Invest in several dollar store towels and lay a fresh one on your pillow each night. This will ensure there’s always a clean surface for your face to rub against throughout the night and ensure nothing goes back into your pores after you just cleaned them. 

8) Eat more fruits and veggies! Seriously. I drink a daily superfood shake, and when I am consistent on my healthy foods intake, my skin glows. Your body shines when you put the good stuff in, so make it a habit. 

9) Treat yourself to a face mask. Different types do different things for your skin. Cucumber masks revitalize and refresh your skin, while charcoal masks help to clean the pores.

***Please note*** you should not do a face mask the day before a big event. Masks help pull crap from your deep in your pores, out. Do a mask at least 3-4 days BEFORE your big event or date night, because they might make you break out slightly as they pull the junk out of your face. 

The biggest trick is to make you and your skin a priority. All it takes is ordinary and consistent actions to get extraordinary results.

Please remember, I am not a dermatologist, I've spent countless hours researching on Google, Pinterest, and chatting with my friends in the beauty industry. That, and years figuring out what works for me. The aforementioned advice is for those who struggle with some mild to moderate acne, NOT for those who are seriously suffering. If you are, please contact your doctor and get professional help.

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