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Big Booty Brussels Sprouts Salad

I had always been told brussels sprouts were GROSS. Growing up one of the only veggies I would eat was broccoli. However, when I started on my health journey 3 years ago I decided that I should try as many new vegetables as I could, because (let's be honest) I had never even tried most of them.

One of the fitness gurus I was following at the time always made giant batches of broccoli, winter squash, onion, and brussels sprouts in her oven. I knew at the very least I liked broccoli, so I decided to try to replicate her recipe from looking at the pictures she posted. I ended up LOVING it! Like really loved it! It was such a great taste together that I began seeing if I liked the vegetables by themselves too. To my absolute surprise my favorite was the brussles sprouts.

Here's a link to her Instagram if you want to check out more:

About a year later I found a vegan fitness channel on YouTube that explained how to blanch brussels sprouts and then cut them into small strips for salads. "I definitely gotta try that." I had thought to myself, and sure enough, blanched brussels were the ballin'! They had almost a buttery taste to them, and as a vegan, that was a big deal for me. lol.

Here's a link to the channel if you want to check out some of her amazing vegan recipes!

With all that being said, I ended up making a recipe with brussels sprouts that works perfectly into my meal plan. So, here it is!

Watch the video on my Instagram here!

1 cup of brussels sprouts (halved)

2 Field Roast: Italian sausages - vegan (cut into small disks)

1/2 cup of black beans

1tbsp of Follow Your Heart: Veganaise

1 1/2 tsp of Valentina hot sauce (or hot sauce of choice)

Begin by cutting the ends off the brussels sprouts and discarding them, then half the remainder.

Next, place the brussels in a medium pot on medium heat. Cook until brussels have just become tender. (I look for the color change and then strain.) This should only take a few minutes for them to become soft enough to poke with a fork.

While the brussels are blanching, prepare your vegan sausage and cutting it into small disks.

Add to a medium pan on medium/high heat. (No oil or cooking spray is required if you are using a nonstick pan.)

While the vegan sausage is browning, remove and strain your brussels sprouts.

Once sausages have been browned and are crispy on the outside add in the black beans.

While the beans heat add the veganaise and hot sauce into a bowl and mix together until they are a smooth consistency.

Now assemble your Big Booty Brussels Sprouts Salad!

YUM! This recipe is seriously so tasty!

Macro break down:

Brussels Sprouts - 8c 0.5f 3p

Vegan Sausage - 26c 16f 50p

Black beans - 22c 0.5f 7p

Veganaise - 0c 9f 0p

Toal: 56c 26f 60p

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