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The Secret to Finding Your Calling

Maybe you're about to graduate high school and don't know what you want to be when you grow up. Perhaps you're a college graduate who realized you don't want to do the job you've spent the last 4 years preparing for (that was totally me). You may be in your mid to late 20's or 30's sitting here thinking, "I still feel lost."

It's okay! You are in good company! I hear from folks all the freaking time how afraid they are of never finding their passion, the reason they were put on this earth, their drive. What I've discovered, you have to lean in to what energizes you.

This is somewhat of a double edge sword, because it requires you to do new things, and you may not love them. However, each experience will give you the next bread crumb for you to go after.

Example: This week I played soccer for the first time.

My boyfriend's wonderful sister had found a free adult beginner-class and invited me to join her. I agreed, but instantly felt my gut sink.

I don't play soccer. I've never played soccer. I was going to look like a bumbling baboon in front of everyone, and that freaked my shit.

I was so uncomfortable with the idea of going to this class I almost bailed. But then I remembered all of the things I had done for the first time, without knowing how to do them, that I now love: acting, teaching, knitting, volleyball, hell, even putting together this blog!

So I put my pride in my back pocket and went to an adult soccer class, and you know what? I LOVED it! Do I now think I want to become a professional soccer player? Of course not! But it did give me some really valuable insight: I thrive off of a collaborative group setting; I adore competition; I am the world's best cheerleader.

"But how is this going to help me find my calling?!" ~You right now

You see, this gives me insight into what I want to continue to pursue in my life: entrepreneurship, life coaching, personal development, live events that hype people up. By daring to do something new, I found what energizes me.

If it isn't energizing you, it's depleting you.

This is how I found teaching. I was depleted by auditioning, which is the bread and butter of a working actor. I knew I loved being in front of people and that I was a junkie for human connection, so I took a teacher's assistant position... which lead me to working as a teaching artist, which then brought me to working as an elective teacher.

The point is, you have to dare to do something new and follow that feeling of excitement. If you were thinking about how you can't wait to ____________ today. Then ____________ is energizing you. Push yourself toward that feeling and see where it leads you.

You aren't lost. You are on a glorious adventure. You are Bilbo Baggins debating whether or not to leave your home and follow the crazy dwarfs. Please, for the love of god, go follow the crazy dwarfs! (Shout out to my nerds who get my Hobbit reference.)

The secret to finding your calling is to get out of your own way and try something new. Lean in to what sets your soul on fire and follow that feeling.

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