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The Thing You Don't Want to Talk About...

This particular subject has been incredibly relevant to me the last few days, as it has been my non-stop focus. That being said, we're going to be getting down and dirty about the bathroom. You've been warned...

Okay, I have to be 100% honest, the last week I thought I was horribly ill, or worse pregnant, but the truth was I was just extremely constipated. Oh my goodness, did you just laugh out loud? You did, didn't you. I mean heck, I was seriously thrown for a loop because I am a regular kind of a gal! But the whole experience got me thinking about how important and totally neglected our poop is. I mean truthfully, when was the last time you took a look at what was in the bowl? Never? Only if it sounds funny?

Okay gross, I know, but what we pass can give us really valuable insight on our health.

Things to look out for:


You are looking for a nice brown, too dark, or black could mean you are bleeding internally. Green can either mean you loaded up your salad plate, or something you ate doesn't quite agree with you an moved though your large intestine too quickly. Yellow, white, and red are all colors of concern and you should definitely go chat with your doc.


Here's where things get a little grittier, but it's also where you find out what you need to eat more or less of.

Bunny poops: If it's coming out in several hard little rocks you are lacking on your water and veggie game.

A lumpy log: Cracks = a lack of water. You should be drinking half your body-weight in ounces daily!

Fluffy and sticks to the side of the bowl or floats: You are most likely eating too many oily or fatty foods.

The perfect poo: Should be a single, sausage-shape that is smooth and easy to pass. You should be able to poop in the same amount of time it takes you to pee.

I did tell you this blog would be unabashedly truthful. I just know I never had anyone to tell me this sort of thing, and dang-it this shit is important. *pauses for laughter at her hilarious pun*

So next time your are doing your business take a look and figure out what you need to add or eliminate to your diet. This is literally our daily reminder of how we did the day before, uh, thank you body!

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