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Vegan Burritos Even My Boyfriend Loves

Being a vegan in a relationship with a meat-eater can be a difficult sea to navigate. I so badly would love him to give up meat (he’s lactose intollerant, so dairy is already out). However, I would never want him to think I’m pressuring him into anything, and most days, I’d really prefer not to cook him meat. Now, let me stop you there, because I know some of you are sitting there saying, “But Halli, you don’t have to cook for him.” You are so right. You are so so so right. I know I don’t need to. Many nights I don’t. And my great guy truly doesn’t expect me to. But, I adore making food for both of us. It’s one of my many love languages. For me, feeding someone is an amazing way to say, ”I love you. I love you so much I wanted to feed you. And not just that, but I fed you with something I made that is wholesome and nutritious.” 

Today, I wanted to see if I could make a vegan burrito he and I would both adore. I am please to announce it was an absolute success! He even thought I had put egg in the burrito. Hehe, nope. 

Whether you are dipping your toe into the vegan work, a seasoned vegan veteran, or just want to diversify your food, this burrito is fantastic. 


-1/4 white onion (chopped)

-1 yellow squash (chopped)

-1 zucchini (chopped)

-1 carrot (chopped)

-5 white mushrooms (sliced)

-6 mini red/yellow/orange peppers (chopped)

-1/2 poblano pepper (chopped)

-oil of choice

-8oz of vegan refried beans (canned)

-8oz of black beans (canned)

-1/4  a cube extra firm tofu (crumbled)

-2 tbsp taco seasoning 

-large flower tortilla (or make it a bowl and go without!)

-hot sauce of choice (optional)


In a large frying pan combine oil and veggies. Place on medium heat and stir regularly while frying. 

In a pan combine the beans, tofu, and seasoning. Place on medium/low heat and stir regularly. 

Once bean mixture is hot and the veggies are browned and soft take off heat. 

Fill and roll burrito. Add hot sauce if desired. 

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