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Why Comparison Kills

We've all heard the old, antidotal phrase about how comparison is the thief of joy. But it's not true... Comparison is a killer. It kills you on the inside like a poison, and the more you give into it, the more it eats at your heart and tears you apart from the inside out.

I know I sound dramatic, but I'm being so dead serious right now... haha, dead... bad puns...

I have been struggling so much with comparison recently. I'm gonna be honest, because if we can't be honest with each other, what's the point of this damn blog anyway?

I see others around me who are getting married, having a family, or buying a house, and those who aren't seem to be flourishing in their dream careers. Let's take it a step further and look to the dreaded social media for comparison... how is it possible they are rocking the most amazing fitness body I've ever seen, have build a business that has made them a millionaire in their 20's, have what on all fronts looks like the most caring, loving, and adorable relationship I've ever seen...


Now it's not that Heidi Somers isn't totally inspiring to me, because she is, but I get the comparison bug bad when I look at her IG and YouTube channel.


I'm not her. She's not me. My friends who have gotten married, engaged, started a family, bought a house, etc have all had different priorities than I have. They are on different journeys than I am. And it's with these social media peeps.

I have cried myself to sleep wishing I was at a different place than I am, because I was comparing myself. And the truth is, did it bring me joy? No. Did it get me any closer to my goals? No. Did it give me clarity on what I want in life? Absolutely not.

Did this comparison game kill my motivation? Yes. Did it kill my positive attitude? Of course. Did it kill the child inside me dreaming of the life I want? Also-freaking-lutely.

Because comparison kills everything in its wake. It is an nasty monster that likes to rear its ugly head and we just let it walk right on into our lives and make itself comfortable.

You are not them.

They are not you.

There is not now, and never will be anyone like you. Anyone with your story, your perspective, your talents, so stop comparing yourself to others. (I'm half talking to myself right now.)

I don't care how old, young, broken, well-adjusted, poor, rich, depressed, exuberant, lonely, or loved you are. We all have a story to tell. We are all capable of doing anything we desire. We all have the ability to change the world.

So please, for the love of all that is, stop comparing your journey to someone else's. It's as silly as comparing the journey and life of stone henge to the journey and life of and oak tree. They both matter, they are both important, and they both change the world in their own way.

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